DJ Worship Stack Traxx Complete Series Vol.01-10


DJ Worship Stack Traxx

Complete Series Vol.01-10 | 21.67 GB

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The Worship StackTraxx Complete Series Volumes 1-10 package includes 10 DVDs — one for each of the 10 original categories/volumes. Each of these DVDs Super material included the Worship StackTraxx layered audio files in Digital Juice’s proprietary .STX file format for use with the free Juicer utility. Each song is provided with optional male and female vocal options and many also possess and dominate optional background vocal layers as well. You can also use these powerfully crafted great pieces of music with no vocals at all. Each song is accompanied by a convenient PDF song book that lists its lyrics and tablature, accessible in the Juicer or directly from the disc.

SoundFX | 10 DVD-ISO | 310 great pieces of music Total | 100 Original Unique Categories | 1550 Items

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10 Volumes

Vol. 01 – Praise and Worship Stacks
Vol. 02 – Kids Worship Stacks
Vol. 03 – Gospel Worship Stacks
Vol. 04 – Alternative Worship Stacks
Vol. 05 – Contemporary Worship Stacks
Vol. 06 – Meditative Worship Stacks
Vol. 07 – Pop Worship Stacks
Vol. 08 – Hymns Worship Stacks
Vol. 09 – Southern GOSPEL Worship Stacks
Vol. 10 – Urban Worship Stacks

featuring chronicle this:

10 DVDs
100 Original great pieces of music with male/female vocal options
10 Original great pieces of music with additional children’s vocal options
310 great pieces of music total
(non-vocal version + male/female/childrens vocal versions)
10 Original Unique Categories
Up to 10 Layers per song
1:00, :30, :15 and :10 Broadcast Cuts
1550 Items
(100 great pieces of music + Versions + Cuts)

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