DMGAudio Plug-ins PACK Jan 2013 Mac OSX-Xdb


DMGAudio Plug-ins super package

Jan 2013 Mac OSX-Xdb | 45 MB

– DMGAudio Compassion v1.07 Mac OSX-Xdb
– DMGAudio EQuality v1.18 Mac OSX-Xdb
– DMGAudio EQuick v1.03 Mac OSX-Xdb
– DMGAudio PitchFunk v1.03 Mac OSX-Xdb

EQuality 1.18, Compassion 1.07, EQuick 1.03, PitchFunk 1.03
Most importantly, this is the AAX release!
Also, there represented as fixes for a few little things, some speedups and improvements, some nips and tucks, some tidying up!

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• AAX version included
• Tweaks for stability
• VST3 Automation improvements
• Mac builds and Installers optimised and signed
• Massive optimise for reload of presets.
EQuality v1.17->1.18
• Improve HPFs.
EQuick v1.02->1.03
• Fix click-thru menubar bug
• Fix reset-to-previous after resetting to default bug.
• Recalibrate VU meter
• Make graph textboxes usable to engage automation in ProTools.
Compassion v1.06->1.07
• Fix Clip-Limiter denormal issue
PitchFunk v1.02->1.03
• Fixed rare redraw issue
• Improved Loading process
• Added pagetable for ProTools automation
Edit: Late breaking adendum – there was a DSP issue in EQuality, EQuick and Compassion with the build first uploaded which has now been rectified. If you downloaded before this edit to the message was uploaded (within about an hour of the email going out), you should re-download and reinstall. To reaffirm – this only affects people who downloaded immediately after the release announcement. Please contact me if you experience any issues.

DMGAudio Plug-ins super package Jan 2013 Mac OSX-Xdb- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… package-Jan-2013-Mac-OSX-Xdb.html

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