DMS Mechanimal Psytrance Samples Vol 3 SCD


 Mechanimal Psytrance Samples Vol 3

DMS  SCD | 322 MB

Mechanimal unleash their latest smokin’ hot Psytrance sample super package. Featuring over 500 mb of samples this new production library is the perfect choice for any producer needing a massive dose of Psy samples and loops. This super package covers a brand new selection of extra high quality samples covering a full compliment of soundscapes, stabs, zaps, acid sounds, multi-sampled basses & FX. The sample super package also covers Psy drum loops and percussion hits making this a complete production toolkit for the aspiring Psychedelic Trance producer.
As an added bonus the super package also includes MIDI from the demo track: if you need to create your own pumping Psy grooves right now then this super package is your answer!

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• Format: WAV SAMPLES Sample super package
• 25 Claps
• 12 Cymbals
• 34 Kicks
• 50 Loops
• 28 Percussion Hits
• 10 Booms
• 20 Risers
• 10 Sweeps
• 50 Acid Hits
• 3 Multi-sampled Kontakt Basses
• 20 Soundscapes
• 100 Synth Stabs
• 14 Zaps
• MIDI From Demo



DMS Mechanimal Psytrance Samples Vol 3 SCD- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

DMS Mechanimal Psytrance Samples Vol 3 SCD

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