Drums Of War 24bit Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Drums Of War 24bit Reason

 ReFill SAMPLES | 270 MB

*Library adapted for Propellerheads Reason
Cinesamples proudly presents Drums of War, a sample library for composers featuring a variety of large, cinematic drums.
Drums of War has been used by composers in countless blockbuster films, television shows, and video game productions. Drums of War is a go-to library for achieving big massive percussion in your tracks.

Drums of War captures the magnitude and essence of a forgotten battle fought in a forgotten place. The trepidation that proceeds battle can be found in the depth of “Hell’s Deep.” “ Sub Boomz” echo the warmth of a call that inspired the timid long ago. “Ancient Torture Drum” brings to mind long-extinct trees and the skins of beasts that haven’t been seen on the earth in millennia. “War Ensemble” is reminiscent of grand, prehistoric armies that stormed across a rugged landscape, terrorizing all in their wake. “Titan Ensemble” can help to evoke the courage of battle-weary soldiers or the fear of the death knell’s call.

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What’s included:

01 War Ensemble
02 Titan Ensemble
03 Sacrificial Offering
04 Hells Deep
05 Earth Mover
06 Barbarian Siege
07 Ceremonial Skull Hammer
08 Combat Drum
09 Battle Drum
10 Ancient Torture Drum
11 Army of Doom
12 This is Spartaaa
13 Sub Boomz
14 Mammoth Calls

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