E-LAB – X-static Goldmine Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4


X-static Goldmine

E-LAB  Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4

Format: AKAI, WAV SAMPLES | Reupload: March 2013 | Size: 241, 234, 342, 333 MB

eLAB, a Swedish sound design classic label, known for their collaborations with Propellerheads and award winning urban and dance collections from back in the day. Ground breaking, highly usable loops and samples, with unparalleled groove, pristine quality and authentic flavour… Elab products formed the standards to which many labels possess and dominate only dared to try and emulate over the years.

One of the world’s shiniest sound jewels continues to send ripples across the world of music. Found on many current artists’ playlists and in studios worldwide, eLAB titles possess and dominate shaped and influenced the sound of today, from urban to underground, HOUSE , trip hop and downtempo breaks.

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E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 1 AKAI
The world famous X-Static Goldmine 1. The largest sample CD ever! 4000 loops and samples in Akai format. All sounds from the two classics – XL1 and X-Static Goldmine. HIP HOP breaks, electronic beats, HOUSE grooves, vocoder loops, Tekno loops, Acid 303 loops, synth zaps, warped noises, vector pads, ambient drones, atmospheric swirls, moog bass, chords, acid bleeps, 303 tones, didgeridoos, ethnic flutes, horn stabs, flute riffs, string runs, sax tones, organ tones, guitar tschaks, multi-sampled 808 & 909 drums, vinyl style, Kraftwerk percussion, CR78 drums, tape FX, chants, rolls, robot speech, moans, crowd noises and much much more!

E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 2 AKAI
X-Static Goldmine 2 takes you on a journey from HIP HOP to Funk, from the East Coast to the West Coast, with some dope HIP HOP grooves, bass and guitar riffs, dusty rhodes and organs, horny horns & saxophones, old clavinets, deep bass tones & grooves, cheesy synths, jazzy flutes, vinyl FX, rolls & fills, drums & percussion, vinyl manipulations and more! Phat, Dope and Funky! “A ton and a half of great sounds… tough to beat.” 5 out of 5 — Keyboard

E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 3 AKAI
Anyone who follows the quirks and twists out on the club floors must be impressed by the amount of beautiful and strange music which seems to constantly evolve. Get this raving, dance bible for all underground club music in your library, and create the evolution yourself! 1500 HOUSE , Tekno, Garage and Jungle loops & samples, rave loops, 303 hooks, sub sonic bass, trancentral swirls, mystery sweeps, string pads, HOUSE piano, funky guitar, mentally insane FX and more! “The loops represented as so infectious they should be quarantined.” — Keyboard

E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 4 WAV SAMPLES
Xstatic Goldmine 4 is a big and respected resource that will give you just enough Trip Hop and Chill out samples and loops to keep you busy for weeks and months to come. With an eclectic and old-skool flavor to it, it is a no-nonsense collection of classic beats and grooves spiced up with musical and bass components.

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3e15f

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E-LAB – X-static Goldmine Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4

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