East Collexion Bass S3000 AKAI


East Collexion Bass

 S3000 AKAI | 87 MB

Mark the Release: iNFeRNO | Size: 87.37 MB
Fender precision bass, Fender jazz bass, fretless bass, wood basses, acoustic upright basses, picked basses, fingered basses, the Chapman stick & a truckload of punchy, fat synth basses. 16 different articulations of pick bass, 3 different
articulations of fingered bass, 8 different articulations of Fender jazz bass, 5 different articulations of Fender precision slap bass, 6 different articulations of fretless bass & 4 different articulations of acoustic upright bass. Synth bass like Mini Moog, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland TB-303, Roland SH-2 & MKS-80, Korg Mono/Poly, SCI Pro One, Oberhiem Matrix 12 and more.

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Don’t forget – NI Kontakt can read AKAI-format without converting of files.

East Collexion Bass S3000 AKAI- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

East Collexion Bass S3000 AKAI

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