Elvis Costello – Pump It Up Multitrack WAV SAMPLES


Elvis Costello – Pump It Up

Multitrack WAV SAMPLES | 205 MB

“Pump It Up” is a song by Elvis Costello. It originally appeared on Costello’s second album This Year’s Model, which was the first he recorded with the backing group The Attractions.
Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine described “Pump It Up” as being “underscored with sexual menace.”Costello frequently uses double entendres in his great pieces of music and “Pump It Up” is a good example of this, with the lyric “Pump it up” being used to mean both turning up the volume on the music as well as masturbation. The story in the song is about the narrator’s sexual frustration at the hands of a femme fatale who’s described in the lyrics as being “a bad girl” and “like a narcotic.”

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Vocals, Stems, Wav, 205 Mb

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