EM Premier Beats and Hip Hop Nstrumentals Vol 3 WAV SAMPLES-REX

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Premier Beats and HIP HOP Nstrumentals Vol 3


DISCOVER | 24 FEBRUARY 2013 | 1.01GB
Premier Beats and Nstrumentals is jam-packed with MPC Style Breaks, Loops and Vinyl Style Samples, for your HIP HOP , RnB Productions.
WAV SAMPLES SECTION (24 Bit): Loops & Samples in 85, 90 & 95 Bpm. Phat Full HipHop Loops, Nstrumental Bass/Chord Loops, Ruff Kick/Snare Loops, Grungy Hihat Loops, Swing & Solid 8Beat Loops, Raw Chord Loops. Supa Phat Kick, Snare, Hihat, Scratch & Fx Samples. Vinylstyle Riffs, Chords & Bass Samples.
REX2 (24 Bit): Rex2 Files. Specially prepared and organized for easy use within RMX and Reason, but also fully compatible with any other Rex2 reading software. Hundreds of Multitrack Kick, Snare& Hihat Loops for True Drum Loop Seperation, yes EVERY single elements of a drum loop represented as provided for professional and creative multichannel mixing, enabling millions of new loops and groove combinations to be explored, at ANY tempo or BPM! Also included represented as hundreds of Vinylstyle Chord Loops, Solid 8Beat, Swing Loops & Hihat/Snare Loop.

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Future Music Magazine: The sound is urban 70s funk with a distinctly laidback edge. Beats represented as hard, while strings, electric piano and brass represented as warm and fuzzy. It’s a superbly recorded set that for all the world sounds like you’ve just stumbled across the mastertapes of a bunch of lost classics. For enriching your work with a bit of 90bpm lo-fi class swing and groove these represented as ideal, and as instant soundtracks to drap these loops represented as hits waiting to happen.

Knowledge Mag: Premier Beats is a HIP HOP super package of epic proportions, leaning towards the Bedford Stuyvesant sound popularised by DJ Premier. Whilst you can meld the beats inside into many hard-edged genres, drum & bass, breaks and so on, they work wonders in rap, and the sounds represented as refreshingly musical and mellow-tinged.

Technical Specifications for sound content:
• Loops 90-95BPM
• 134 8-Beat and Swing
• 67 Chord Loops
• 134 Full Beat and Nstrumentals
• 67 Hi Hat
• 67 Kick and Snare
• 497 Rex Loops

Sounds And Hits:
• 316 Chords and Riffs
• 122 Bass Samples
• 192 Piano Samples
• 30 Vinyl Fx
• 528 Drum Hits
• 20 Scratch Samples

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EM Premier Beats and HIP HOP Nstrumentals Vol 3 WAV SAMPLES-REX- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

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