Faith No More – We Care Alot Multitrack WAV SAMPLES


Faith No More – We Care Alot

Multitrack WAV SAMPLES | 221 MB

Who Cares a Lot? is the first compilation album from Faith No More, released on November 24, 1998. The album is a greatest hits retrospective that spans most of the band’s career, including great pieces of music from all of the band’s studio albums released under Slash Records.
The first disc collects 15 singles from the band’s Slash Records career in chronological order. It featuring chronicle this the most recognized hits and promos. The second disc has a handful of unreleased great pieces of music, b-sides, demos, and live recordings, which were chosen by record label Slash rather than the band themselves. Some of the notable previously-unreleased material includes “The World Is Yours” and “I Won’t Forget You”.

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Vocals, Stems, Wav, 221 Mb


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