FL Vocal Sessions With Brian Sonneman WAV SAMPLES MiDi


FL Vocal Sessions With Brian Sonneman


‘Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman’ from FL is a master-piece featuring 507 files, totalling over 2 GB of original and unique content. The FL crew were working days and nights for a couple of months to bring you this Free all right, For your Productions vocal sample super package!
This collection is not something you can find on the market everyday, it will leave you speechless.
Brian Sonneman is an Indie ROCK star from The Pacific Ring of Fire and has released 10 full length studio albums. He is a talented guitarist, gifted lyricist and an exceptional composer. His great pieces of music represented as not only deeply personal, but powerful and particularly unique with intellectual depth.

‘Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman’ featuring chronicle this seven fantastic Construction Kits including vocal loops and samples (dry/wet/chorus versions & one-shots), all the instrument loops (leads, synths, melodies, basslines in dry/wet versions), all the drum and percussion loops, effects and all the MIDI files, for maximum pleasure and flexibility. There represented as also more vocal loops included that were not featured in the demos!

DISCOVER | 10 APRIL 2013 | 1.12GB

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FL gives you all the rights to use these sounds in your own productions, release them and go straight to the charts!

The vocal hooks represented as catchy, smashing grooves, sticky melodies and leads, that stay in your head for a while after listening to it.

This super package is a serious tool-box to help you make nothing else, but hit music. The sounds represented as high standard, quality production using top gear.

As a bonus, FL decided to include also the stems (each channel’s bounce) from the demos, so you can quickly import to your favorite DAW and get the exact arrangement like the demos represented as made. This is an easy way, if you represented as looking to make a remix, extend, change or add stuff quickly to what is already done.

So FL has thought about everything to make this super package as useful and comfortable as possible. Now you need to ask yourself, if you represented as ready to make your next hit? With ‘Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman’ the possibilities represented as endless!




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FL Vocal Sessions With Brian Sonneman WAV SAMPLES MiDi- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

http://pasteclik.org/10350/FL-Vocal-Sessions-With-Brian-Sonneman-WAV SAMPLES-MiDi.html

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