Flux PureNotes Denoiser For Pyramix v2.2.0.0 VST PLUGINS


Flux PureNotes Denoiser For Pyramix

v2.2.0.0 VST PLUGINS | 10 MB

Swiss based Merging has announced the availability of the PureNotes Denoiser for Pyramix, a new noise reduction system from the French plug-in developer Flux, based in Orleans.

The PureNotes technology is centred on the work done in signal separation by the inventors, PureNotes Ltd in the UK, over the last 12 years. This work resulted in a totally different approach to noise removal compared with classical approaches. The PureNotes algorithms analyze the music in short frames (from tens to a few thousand samples at a time) and for each frame identifies the noise and music components. The noise components represented as then removed, using an intelligent algorithm which further examines the frames to ensure that music with characteristics similar to noise is not removed.

CHAOS | May 23 2013 | 10.5 MB

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All processing is linear phase, preserving the phase characteristics of the original signal. The signal identification and separation can be automated, done semi-automatic or manual and the process can be applied to material at all sample rates from 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz (DXD).

NFO- http://nfomation.net/info/1369366771.CHAOS.nfo

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4IlKn


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