FM8 Tutorials: Learn The Secrets of FM8 TUTORiAL


Learn The Secrets of FM8 TUTORIAL

FM8 Tutorials | 353 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 22 2013 | 353 MB

From random button tweaking to FM Synth master in only 3 hours!
FM synthesis gives you a whole new world of sounds to use in your productions.
Native Instrument’s FM8 is the world’s most popular FM synthesizer. Its design and technology deliver a boatload of sound-producing power into your hands. The challenge is to harness that power so you can work quicker and more effectively.
Our new FM8 Video TUTORIAL series gives you the skills to do just that. Sixteen videos jam-packed with lessons, tips and techniques will shorten your learning curve and make you an FM synthesis master. You’ll discover how FM8 can create the sounds that will fulfill your creative vision, making your productions richer and more exciting.
And there’s no waiting by the mailbox for delivery. Everything is ready for instant download right to your hard drive!

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FM8 Tutorials: Learn The Secrets of FM8 TUTORIAL – DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…–Learn-The-Secrets-of-FM8- TUTORIAL .html

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