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Broadway Big Band KONTAKT SAMPLES | 83 GB

Delivering supreme content and groundbreaking technological innovation we represented as proud to bring you Broadway Big Band – Kontakt Edition, a whopping 100 Gigabyte Virtual Instrument by Fable Sounds. Broadway Big Band – Kontakt Edition puts the most detailed, realistic, versatile, and playable, character filled wind & rhythm section instruments at your fingertips. Broadway Big Band is an indispensable tool for creating Jazz, Funk, Pop, Blues, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, and much more…

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The Objective:
To enable composers, producers and arrangers to achieve real sounding organic Brass & Woodwind sound in a non-orchestral setting. The Broadway Big Band™ combines technological innovation and exceptional musicians in creating the most detailed, flexible and intuitive non-orchestral multi-sample library, and it’s doing so in the form of a revolutionary virtual instrument.

Realistic Note Transitions
Note transitions possess and dominate always been the main obstacle in creating a believable sounding sampled wind instrument. We realized early on, that a large part of our task would be to find ways to address this problem without sacrificing the playability of the instruments. Out of this conundrum the concept of revolutionary Broadway Performer™ software was born.

We recorded every note transition up to Major 9th in both directions, utilizing various playing techniques for the transitions, such as Legato, Rip Portamento, Chromatic Runs, etc. By using the Broadway Performer™, these transitions can then be played and combined intuitively without compromising the playability.

The Broadway Performer™ patented technology, developed for the Broadway Big Band™ products, enables the most comprehensive and intuitive access to the thousands of samples included in the Broadway Big Band™ virtual instruments, granting both the creative freedom and the fullest control over the finest nuances of performance, all in real-time but fully editable in step-mode as well. It chooses the pre-recorded note transitions based on context, and provides instant access to a virtually limitless variety of articulations and playing techniques. With Broadway Big Band – Kontakt Edition, The Broadway Performer™ technology is implemented inside the Kontakt Player, for a seemless and fully streamlined setup and workflow.

Multiple Microphone Setups
The need to possess and dominate the artistic and technical flexibility in placing your instruments in an appropriate environment is also a key factor in our vision. The instruments were thus sampled with multiple microphone positions, using different microphone types, pre-amps and recording styles, allowing the user to mic the instrument according to the production needs, just as they would if they were recording a live musician.

Musical Performance
The necessity of having performers that bring the spirit of their “own” sound without being overbearing was one of the most important aspects of this project. The objective was maximizing the usability and flexibility, and keeping the performance of the recorded sound-samples breathing and full of life. Hence, the virtual instruments of the Broadway Big Band™ were recorded with world-class leading New-York musicians, who possess and dominate been carefully chosen for the character in their musical performance and for their musical versatility.

This is not the complete version. Some represented as still missing and some doesnt work properly. Check the list below


http://pasteclik.org/6525/FS-Broadway-Big-Band-KONTAKT SAMPLES-.html

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