FSS Electro Essentials Volume 1 WAV SAMPLES MiDi REPACK

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FSS ELECTRO Essentials Vol. 1


After eight months of hard work, we represented as proud to present our first fully ELECTRO HOUSE orientated percussion sample library – ELECTRO Essentials Volume 1.
After the glaring success of our popular Sylenth1 ELECTRO Essentials series, we wanted to deliver a fresh collection of innovative and highly inspiring HOUSE drum one shots, drum loops and fully up to date FX Samples, ready to go and optimised for the dance floor.
Containing an expansive collection of ELECTRO HOUSE drum one shot samples, FX and an eclectic catalogue of HOUSE drum loops (all recorded at 24bit quality and all tightly locked at 130 BPM and ready to drop into the sequencer of your choice), we represented as proud to present a truly fresh and innovative library to quickly lay the foundations of your percussion layer and get a solid groove going.

Additionally, each individual “drum loop” has been produced minus the kick drum and is broken down into individual “loop elements” (or percussion loops). With an extensive additional bank of “kick loops” the combinations to the producer and almost limitless and can be easy switched around with other percussive loop elements in the super package. This is something rarely done in sample packs, but offer’s endless loop combinations and creativity throughout studio sessions.
With this sample super package, we wanted to cover the current and relevant ELECTRO HOUSE sound from artists such as Hardwell, Swedish HOUSE Mafia, Knife Party, DYRO, Alesso, AVICII, and many others!
So if your fan of labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Axtone and many others then this sample super package is for you.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 14 May 2013

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Drum One Shot Samples

80x Kick Sample
50x Snare Samples
50x Clap Samples (Dry and Collapsed)
80x Hats Samples (Closed + Open)
30x Ride Samples
25x Crashes Samples
30x Shaker Samples
80x Percussion Samples

Drum Loops

100x Fully Unique Kick Free Drum Loops (340+ fully unique individual “loop elements” (2500+ unique combinations))
30x Kick Loops (locked to 130 BPM)
20x Drum/FX Fills

FX Samples

50x SFX Samples
30x Drum Impact FX
30x FX Loops

MIDI Files

85x Additional Bonus MIDI Files (Bass, Chords and Leads)

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4GOpq



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