FX Bloom v1.0.0.5

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Bloom v1.0.0.5

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R2R | 27.2.2013 | 14.11 MB
FX is proud to present Bloom, a creative delay effect plugin with additional diffusion network, effects, advanced modulation and much more. Bloom’s varied delay modes and lush diffusion reverb instantly introduce new textures and spaces to your productions. Dig a little deeper to discover new ways of using delay for sound design – use psychedelic effects like frequency shifting and chorus in the feedback path and modulate Bloom’s parameters with step-sequencers and LFOs for an amazing variety of new sounds.

At Bloom’s core is a stereo delay line switchable between analogue BBD, tape and digital models, with a lush diffusion reverb algorithm providing stunning spaciousness and dimension. The diffusor is switchable between 3 possible positions in the signal path, as is the additional effect section containing filtering, chorus, frequency shifting, overdrive, saturation, EQ and envelope-shaping, which makes an extremely wide variety of creative effects possible. Other highlights include reverse and ping-pong modes, a freeze function and adjustable smoothing for delay time changes.

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Bloom’s TransMod modulation system lets you modulate almost all its parameters with a variety of sources – built-in step-sequencers, LFOs, envelope follower and more. Additional MIDI-derived sources let you change the delay time per note or vary the feedback amount with note velocity. You can even modulate modulators with each other to create fascinating new shapes of movement. The plugin also includes an internal MIDI learn system for tweaking parameters live, turning Bloom into a versatile performance effect.

Creative delay and diffusion effect plugin
Digital, Analogue BBD and Tape emulations
Syncable, reverse, ping-pong and freeze delay modes
Diffusion reverb, additional effects, EQ, drive and saturation
Flexible routing for processing blocks
2x oversampling with 4x Hi Def mode for extremely high quality
TransMod modulation with step-sequencers, LFOs and more
Comprehensive MIDI control
32-bit and 64-bit support
VST PLUGINS, AU and RTAS plugin formats on Windows 7 or higher / Mac OSX 10.6.2 or higher

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3XPuV



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