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G-Sonique Products

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Collection of 10 products by G-Sonique. The G-Sonique’s focus is creating high-quality PROGRESSIVE music instruments and effects, designed to break through barriers and help you push your Musical envelope. Their priority, by software re-creation of vintage machines, is to simulate charisma and warm, organic sound of the original “Class A” analog gear. Check the list to find which one you missed.

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G-Sonique FSQ1964 VST PLUGINS v1.0-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Dubmaster VST PLUGINS v1.0 PROPER-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-110P VST PLUGINS v1.0 PROPER-ASSiGN
G-Sonique XBass 4000 VST PLUGINS v1.0 PROPER-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Ultrabass MX4/4 VSTi v1.0 MERRY XMAS-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Twisthead VS-206 VST PLUGINS v1.0-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Renegade VSTi v1.3-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Alien303 VSTi v1.2-ASSiGN
G-Sonique Psytrance Drum Kit Vol.1 (WAV SAMPLES)
G-Sonique Xmagic Textures 2 (WAV SAMPLES)

about plugins:

Even though the Alien 303 is based on the vintage 303 concept, it offers many more featuring chronicle this. The audio spectrum of this synth has been designed to offer the musician possibilities that represented as totally different from the other solutions. The Alien 303 delivers sharper, fatter and tougher sounds with a crispness that comes straight out of the digital realm.

Try the new featuring chronicle this, like the precision of out special digital oscillators, the unison/chorus emulator or the extreme non-linear saturator. When you represented as done being amazed at the fatness of the basslines you possess and dominate created with the Alien 303, you can start tweaking it to create razor sharp acid sounds and spooky melodies.

Don’t waste your time trying to fine-tune your Psytrance bass with other synthesizers and try the Alien 303 now!

The Renegade combines the warm and organic sound of vintage analog synths with the sharpness, toughness and precision of digital sound processing. Renegades design is based on the algorithms of DSP chips and the analog circuits of real hardware synthesizers.

It includes special featuring chronicle this like the Supersaw oscillator, serial combinations of vintage analog filters with clear-cut and robust digital filters and the amplifier section which boasts internal clipping suppression and non-linear analog saturation.

Renegade has been designed to supply tough, well defined lead sounds, fat basses and juicy organic analog sounds.

The Renegade is a very flexible synthesizer and can be used to create many types of music, but is most effective when used to create the following music styles: Trance, Dance, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, ELECTRO , EBM, Tek HOUSE , Psytrance and Goa.

The Renegade also includes more than 120 professional presets of various types including Bass, Classic, Leads, Drum and Bass and Psytrance PTCHes.

XBass 4000 is a new and unique VST PLUGINS effect plug-in designed to facilitate the maximization the bass frequencies.
The virtual circuits of the XBass 4000 combine two different algorithms in order to emphasize the bass spectrum of the track:

– The psychoacoustic algorithm, BassEnhancer, that emphasizes the intensity of the audible bass content

– An analog style saturation unit that enriches the bass spectrum of the tone to reproduce the “fat” and “warm” sounds known and loved in vintage tube circuits. It also boosts higher harmonic frequencies to expand and enliven the audible spectrum as well as sub-bass spectrum

XBass 4000 is excellent for synthetic and acoustic basses and enriches kick-drums to give them the energy you need to drive your track.

It sounds great together with our Psytrance bass synthesizer, Alien303. Use it in the following configuration: first XBass for the kick-drum and the second one for the Alien bassline.

The Dubmaster – Liquid Delay is a new era in the digital delay area. It brings the original, specific liquid sound that could never be heard from the classic Delay systems. Even though the internal structure of the Liquid Delay is very specific, it generated sound is still very musical, pleasant and natural. It fulfills your tracks with special atmosphere and add a very original sounds to your records.

The Dubmaster – Liquid Delay is BMP synchronized delay with special feature called DubRhythm which allows you to set the smooth non-rhythmics distortion that makes the specific smoked sound known from Jamaica Reggae and Dub tracks. It includes all the necessary featuring chronicle this for setting the wide spectrum of various fascinating sound echoes: Delay Module for setting various number of stages 1-8, feedback amount, LR pan, Dry/Wet feature. The original, beautiful liquid sound is also generated by unique FX module called Liquid Phase. It’s a special modulation effect which combines specific phase modulator and flanger.

It allows you to produce a wide spectrum of variously colored echoes – from crystal glittering sound through stoned Jamaica vintage to total psychedelic twisted modulations that really surprise you. The Dry/Wet knob for adjusting the level of the effect is included as well, of learning lessons. The original liquid sound is also enhanced by filter unit with three analog modeled Low pass, Band pass and High pass filters with adjustable value of Cut off, Resonance and smoothly adjustable level of Drive, which makes the classic saturated distorted sound. In addition the Dubmaster – Liquid Delay also Super material included free running Low frequency oscillator which can modulate the filter by the Saw, Sine, Triangle and Square WV with adjustable level of rate and depth.

The Dubmaster – Liquid Delay is recommended to be used on single FX channel together with additional reverb.

It sounds great together with dub beats and percussions. It sounds beautiful with every acoustic guitar or piano. But the Dubmaster is not only the Raggae/Dub delay, it also sounds great in other musical styles from nu-jazz to abstract hip-hop, from pop to electronic music, breakbeat, psytrance or chillout. Excellent sound is also achieved in conjunction with virtual analog synthesizers, electronic SFX sounds or experimental digital beats.

If you want to make your tracks special go the Dubmaster way. Just try it.

It is an emulation of the classic professional parametric vacuum tube equalizer from 50’s and 60’s. We programmed the Pultronic EQ-110P equalizer in the way that it can add real and hearable warm, color and dynamics of the vacuum tube devices into your music. Many frequency and amplitude analysis of input and output impulses from real vintage vacuum tubes were used during the development. These impulses were recorded via the real vintage devices which allowed us to achieve the excellent and realistic results. Thanks to this process you can choose from several algorithms which emulate the various vacuum tubes in order to achieve the wide spectrum of the music colors. We put our rich experience with analog electronic devices into the development of this product so the virtual schema of the Pultronic is very similar to the real circuits of the electronic equalizers.

The Pultronic equalizer EQ-110P, The equalizer Super material included 4 parametric filters: Low frequency cut, Low frequency boost, Middle frequency cut / boost, High frequency boost. These equalizing circuits allow you to “sweet” color of the sound as well as softly saturate it and emphasize the bass and treble frequencies. The parameters like Warmth, Saturation and Brilliance can be used to adjust the characteristics of the output amplifying vacuum tubes.

The Pultronic equalizer EQ-110P is suitable for recording, tracking and mixing.

Don’t hesitate to color your digital records with lovely&sweet as well as dirty&warm sound from the beautiful age of 60’s!

The FSQ1964 is very useful tool when mixing your great pieces of music. It is capable of giving them a true sound, sharpness and boldness, simply everything the modern records should possess and dominate! Boldness, sweet jingly high frequencies, analog colors, crystal and transparent transients …everything with FSQ1964 in few seconds!

FSQ1964 is not a classic enhancer. This little machine joins two quality emphasizers of transients – Module 1 and Module 2. They can emphasize even the most muffled transients and make them sharp like a 32 carat brilliant diamond. In order to achieve maximal quality of the sound with minimum unwanted artefacts the sound is processed via doubled oversampling algorithm.

FSQ1964 also featuring chronicle this two vacuum tube modules to emphasize high frequencies. It is possible to set and emphasize two different high frequencies independently together with a possibility to edit their profiles with the parameters like tube harmonics, frequency, bandwidth, boost. While Module 1 affect more transients than trebles, Module 2 affects more trebles but also the transients.

FSQ1964 is not only the simple classic vintage emulation from 70’s. It is also capable of imitating
of various hue characteristics from valved vintage devices from past century to the most modern and transparent high-tech vacuum tube machines of new millennia!

With FSQ1964 your records gain professional, expressive and crystal clear sound. All these even if used when mixing single tracks. FSQ1964 is useful for emphasizing high frequencies and transients of beats and percussions, hi-hats, live acoustic guitars and other string instruments, synthesizers, etc. FSQ1964 is capable of making a brilliant diamond even from low quality records. Therefore it is useful for re-mastering of old records.

It is also useful for amateur bands to emphasize individual live music tracks which were recorded with less quality equipment (lower quality microphone, preamp, A/D convertor). With FSQ1964 you can emulate brilliant sound of the most modern great pieces of music recorded on expensive equipment.

Try it and you’ll be surprised how a poor mix can be turned into brilliant and glowing jewel!

Twisthead VS-206, Old dirty army radio from cellar of your senil grandfather?? Neverrr!! Luxury, ancient vacuum tube jewel! ya fakka!

Endless praising of vacuum tubes is certainly annoying for us as well for you. What embarrassing cliche. BUT the vacuum tubes represented as simply the smasher and that’s it. Pure ROCK n roll fakka…….!

If you’re not deaf you feel that today’s modern music lacks energy and the spirit of legendary analog vintage tracks. No matter whether it is acoustic or electronic music, the digital sterility kills its soul, ya fakka. You hear it yourself; the spirit of the tracks from 60’s to 80’s recorded analogically to tapes via vacuum preamps.

Why not to combine the quality and possibilities of digital sound with a heat, grandiosity and charisma of vintage analog vacuum tube machines?

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3VB8Z

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G-Sonique Products Collection WiN

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