Gangstarr – Hard To Earn Instrumentals Pack


Gangstarr – Hard To Earn

Instrumentals super package | 118 MB

Hard to Earn is the fourth album from the HIP HOP duo Gang Starr. It was released in March 1994 and featured the singles “Mass Appeal”, “DWYCK” and “Code of the Streets.” Musically the album is constructed around a harder, more stripped-down sound that is distinctively less melodic than the duo’s previous work.

All the 17 Instrumentals from the Album Hard To Earn From Gangstarr
Hits like: Blowin up da spot, Massappeal, The planet and much more

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Gang Starr Tonz ‘o’ Gunz
Gang Starr The Planet
Gang Starr Aiiight Chill…
Gang Starr Speak Ya Clout (feat. Jeru the Damaja & Lil’ Dap)
Gang Starr DWYCK (feat. Nice & Smooth)
Gang Starr Words from the Nutcracker (feat. Melachi the Nutcracker)
Gang Starr Mass Appeal
Gang Starr Blowin’ Up the Spot
Gang Starr Suckas Need Bodyguards
Gang Starr Now You’re Mine
Gang Starr Mostly tha Voice
Gang Starr F.A.L.A. (feat. Big Shug)
Gang Starr Comin’ for Datazz
Gang Starr Intro (The First Step)
Gang Starr Code of the Streets
Gang Starr Brainstorm

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