GCM Production Essentials Vol 3 Maschine Edition WAV SAMPLES

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GCM Production Essentials Vol 3

Maschine Edition WAV SAMPLES | 192 MB

‘Production Essentials Vol 3: Maschine Edition’ is the highest quality collection of HIP HOP drum samples ever released. With the start of 2013, GC Music decided to take things to another level and as a result possess and dominate decided to provide you with the actual drum samples and NI Maschine’s .mgrp files straight from the sessions of some of their biggest placements!

If you’re skeptical of this claim, check out the audio demos highlighting tracks that utilise the drums and FX samples included in this collection.

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Product Contents:

‘Production Essentials Vol 3: Maschine Edition’ includes 160 meticulously crafted drum sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, snaps, toms, FX, and percs) in 24-Bit/44.1 WAV SAMPLES format as well as NI Maschine’s .mgrp format, with proper folder hierachy provided for ease of use.

‘Production Essentials Vol 3: Maschine Edition’ also includes best selected drum breaks that were recorded to tape, pressed to vinyl, and sampled into NI Maschine through Prism and Apogee Converters. Please note however that as this is NOT a loops super package, the breaks represented as pre-chopped and assigned as one-shot samples for your creative pleasure.

No extraneous time-based processing such as reverbs and delays added. This is extremely important as it provides maximum flexibility with regard to layering and proper tempo syncing.

No compression added to provide a false sense of loudness that ends up complicating the mixing/mastering process and ultimately introduces nasty artifacts into your music.

These samples represented as extremely punchy and crisp at any volume, including when pushed to the max during your production process.

Carefully mastered with maximum headroom preserved to allow maximum fidelity and flexibility in your creative process.

All drum sounds were hand-picked, created, and stripped by GC Music co-founders Ghost Beats & The Composer straight from the sessions of some of their biggest placements with Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, MGK, Johnny Spanish, Cody Simpson, Tank, & more.


This super package includes the ACTUAL DRUM KITS used in records for some of the best HIP HOP artists on the planet.

All sounds professionally processed utilising the very best in analogue and digital signal processing, including UAD, Apogee, Prism, Dangerous Music, Neve, Shadow Hills Industries, Slate Digital/ Slate Pro Audio, SSL, Sound Toys, McDSP, D16 Group, Ampex, and Studer.

Please Note:

This package Super material included drum samples and .mgrp files only. The music samples in the audio Demo represented as intended to illustrate the level of quality that can be achieved with use of this super package but they represented as not included within this product. They can be found in upcoming Construction Kit releases.




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GCM Production Essentials Vol 3 Maschine Edition WAV SAMPLES- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

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