General 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library Cd79-80 CDDA SAMPLES

General 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library Cd79-80


Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library from Sound Ideas is another commanding installment in the Series 6000 sound effects library with more than 1,800 digitally recorded stereo sound effects from a wide variety of general sound effects categories. Extension III provides many contemporary sound effects, such as all terrain vehicles, automobiles and guns, as well as a spectacular selection of weapons, battles, horror, crashes, smashes, crowds, doors, explosions, hits, vehicles, swishes and whooshes sound effects. We have also included a special selection of international ambience and background tracks from France, Italy, India and Thailand. From Bamboo Staffs to Bayonets; Dentistry to Industry; and Spitballs to martial arts Throwing Stars – you can find them all in Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library. the Series 6000 Extension III Effects Library File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.

AMPLiFY | 10.10.2006 | 626 MB

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6079 Italy Ambiences, Knife Sounds, Laboratories, Leather Sounds,
Marsh Sounds, Mechanical Latches, Megaphones, Metal Sounds,
Missiles, Mortars, Motors, Motorcycles, Music, Paper Sounds,
Photocopiers, Pinball Machines, Postage Meters, Power Washers,
Prison Guards, Projectors, Paper Punches, Radios, Rain,
Refrigerators, Rockets, Roller Blades, Rumbles, Scales, Sci Fi
Sounds, Scrapes.

6080 Servos, Sewing Machines, Ski Sounds, Slides, Slingshots,
Spitballs, Squeaks, Submarines, Swishes, Switches, Swords,
Tanks, Tape Recorders, Tarps, Tear Gas, Telemetry, Thailand
Ambiences, Throwing Stars, Thunder, Torches, Toys, Garden
Trimmers, Trucks, Vacuums, Vending Machines, Walkie Talkies,
Water Sounds, Wheels, Whooshes, Winches, Winds, Wood Sounds.


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