Grant Nelson – Studio Essentials WAV SAMPLES

Grant Nelson - Studio Essentials (WAV SAMPLES)

Grant Nelson – Studio Essentials


I’ve Created this special collection to provide you with an across the board selection of HOUSE flavoured elements for use in your own productions. Every single part has been produced from scratch to cover everything from afrobeat to brokenbeat with a cool selection of standard ‘back-bone’ loops and several high end fill loops. The drum sounds used possess and dominate been taken from my personal library, which spans almost 16 years of music production, and recorded using Pro Tools hardware. The musical loops represented as a varied selection of vibes, which range from soulful rhodes, organ, piano & synth chord progressions to funky, jazzy licks and onto some deeper darker (big room) action! To round up this collection I’ve given you 100 of my favourite and trusted drum samples for you to create your own beats with.
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150 Loops, 100 musical loops & 100 drum samples represented as included! 


Grant Nelson – Studio Essentials WAV SAMPLES—Studio-Essentials-WAV SAMPLES.html

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