Greenhouse v3 Reason ReFill SAMPLES

Greenhouse v3 Reason

ReFill SAMPLES | 900 MB

Greenhouse – the Synplant ReFill!
Greenhouse is an awesome ReFill based on samples coming from the popular Synplant software synthesizer; without doubt, one of the most innovative plugins of recent years.
Greenhouse Super Material included 174 combinator PTCHes that provide an insight into the highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer. Greenhouse PTCHes sound deep and murky, sometimes wishful and dreamy, but overall atmospheric and full of the typical and widely acclaimed Synplant character …

In addition, some One-Shot-FX kits represented as included to let you produce some glitchy electro beats. This ReFill also includes 37 drum samples (as well as 21 rex loops highly processed with additional EQing, compressing …) from the MicroTonic drum synthesizer.

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Changelog / Version History

Version 3.0 (July, 22th 2013)
– 15 new combinator PTCHes
– 16 new NNXT PTCHes
– 10 new MicroTonic rex loops
– 200 MB of new Synplant samples
– Reworked backdrops for a better and much clearer lookVersion 2.0 (March, 14th 2012)
– 30 new combinator PTCHes
– 370+ new Synplant samples

Version 1.0 (April, 18th 2011)
– Initial Release

What’s included:

– 151 NNXT PTCHes containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators, 7 Redrum kits.
– 994 Synplant samples in 44khz, 24bit quality, 1030 MB uncompressed.
– 37 drum samples and 21 Rex loops coming from the MicroTonic drum synthesizer.
– 5 demo tracks in Reason format included.



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