H2G Z3TA+2 Soundset Vol.1 Synth Presets


Z3TA+2 Soundset Vol.1

H2G   Synth Presets | 4.5 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 13 March 2013

Hy2rogen adds a new synth member to the preset family bringing more up-to-date club sounds.
After dealing with popular digital synthesizers like Massive and Sylenth1, Hy2rogen turns his attention to the recently improved Cakewalk Z3TA+2.

Featuring buzzy, phat and filthy ELECTRO basslines with a touch of DUBSTEP wobble, big big mainroom PROGRESSIVE leads with heavy melodic impact, those signature melodic chords & plucks with different types of ping-pong delay and basic fx, the super package offers 86 custom programmed presets for the sound of now.
You can also find a lot of your favorite popular sounds being recreated inside.

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Some of the sounds possess and dominate built in X-Y function controller for changing parameters on the fly and getting a different alternative of the sound.

Don’t let the demo full you! There’s so much more inside

DEMO- Hy2rogen – Z3TA+2 Soundset Vol.1 by soundstosample

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3fH90

H2G Z3TA+2 Soundset Vol.1 Synth Presets- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…


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