Heavyweight Funk Bass WAV REX2 SAMPLES

Heavyweight Funk Bass


‘Heavyweight Funk Bass’ from Monster Sounds has captured the performance and sound of a truly awesome bass player with years of studio and gigging performance under his belt and bought him direct to your studio.A great bass player is a rare animal, and worth their weight in gold.
Holding down a tight steady groove is a skill and the underpinning of many a classic tune. It takes years of experience to master this instrument and to know which notes to put in and leave out to make the infectious simple groove work with the drums.
This collection of bass loops is inspired by the magical Funk era of the 70’s where the groove was king, with flamboyant players like Bootsy Collins, Cordell Mosson, Larry Graham and Byron Miller smashing out the Funk.

These guys and their peers helped to shape music and make the bassline such an important part of modern music as we know it. For this collection they went to the Monster Sounds studio with two basses, each with a distinctive sound.
Firstly they used the legendary Fender P Bass. Monster Sounds used a lovely 1972 model, which has an amazingly warm tone but still with punch, clarity and weight that you can only seem to get from a vintage instrument.

Mark the Release AUDIOSTRiKE | 24 June 2014 | 473 MB

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To balance this and give a different feel they also pulled out a rare 60’s Gretsch hollow body. This is a totally different beast to the solid bodied Fender. The Gretsch has much more thump and a deep full bodied resonance. With its lively and distinctive pick up twang and immense almost subby bottom end it sounds thunderous and like nothing else out there.

To capture the sounds in the best way the bass went through a hand-made bespoke tube pre amp then to the amp and speaker cab. They used a mixture of direct signal mixed with two mic positions, using a 60’s ribbon mic on the speaker cab and a Neumann u87 in the room, they feel there’s plenty of vibe to the loops without them being over processed so you have some space to flavour them to suit your production style.

The pack runs at four tempos – 100, 110, 120 and 130 BPM.

To make the pack as useable as possible, not only are there straight up loops but in many cases there are the natural key change progressions of the same loop that would happen in a song, so you can get the feel of having a bass player in your track and not be restricted to only having a four bar loop to work with.

The loops range from straight up heavy PFunk to Disco to soulful Funk and also some more Bluesy parts so there’s much to choose from and inspire.

In detail, expect to find over 630 MB and a total of 390 Bass Loops formatted in 24-Bit high quality WAV and Apple Loops.

Monster Sounds consider this pack very flexible for producers looking to add a little something special in the groove department to their tracks, especially Hip Hop, House, Drum and Bass, Soul, Funky House and all styles of Electronic music, not just straight up Funk.

Product Details:

• 24-Bit Quality
• 632 MB
• 106 100 BPM Bass Loops
• 98 110 BPM Bass Loops
• 83 120 BPM Bass Loops
• 103 130 BPM Bass Loops
• 390 REX2 Files

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