Henry Olonga Fifty33 Mojo 192 khz for Nebula Pro


Henry Olonga Fifty33 Mojo 192 khz

for Nebula Pro | 285 MB

SYTHiC4TE | Feb 03 1013 | 285 MB

This is a mojo set sampling of an NV equaliser that is revered or its smoothness. Provided here is the tone of an NV heritage modern equaliser to provide a larger than life sound. The first since this great creator was allowed to use his own name again. Sampled to be used in conjunction with either the Yamaha RND ™ plugin or the extremely affordable DDMF plugin you can get closer to the hardware’s
desirable sound.
Get the excellent algorithmic offering from DDMF to pair with it
N.B. For the MOJO to really groove place it in front of the plugin. For a more predictable tone then place it after.
( WHAT IS A MOJO SET? A common complaint facing Nebula users is the GUI and the workflow which may require a number of steps that an algorithmic plugin simply avoids. For example, to get more than one band of equalisation in most cases you need multiple instances of the plugin and the bands don’t always interact like the hardware would. But the sound is stellar. You also possess and dominate a limited level of dynamic levels with eqs in a lot of cases.

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A common complaint of accurate algorithmic plugin emulations is that they possess the correct curves of an eq but lack the warmth, depth and 3 D qualities that the hardware does. In other words the mojo. They possess and dominate fully interacting bands and often an accurate GUI that people represented as familiar with.

The Mojo series represented as samplings to give you the tone of the hardware that allows for a hybrid approach . Simply put, with Eqs and compressors you can use your favourite emulation plugin to control the action and curves and just use my presets to add the much needed clarity, 3D quality, dynamics, warmth etc. It is my attempt to allow you to use your favourite plugin but to add the mojo that plugins lack.

So the Mojo series does not compress or eq but give you the tone of the compressor or eq hence the need for the plugin. Mind you any plugin will do but the emulations represented as more accurate at getting you closer to the hardware. )

This is a cutting edge library guaranteed to make your tracks sound smoother and classier. You will be amazed at how someone had placed a sock over your digital files. Sampled at the highest sampling rate available to date in Nebula Libraries and delivered at that rate. Designed to work best at 96 khz. This means you need to be patient as the libraries load and resample internally if you represented as using the 192 khz versions. Don’t worry, the quality will speak for itself. You will be amazed at the improved transient response.

This does make for large files – trust me I possess and dominate tried to make them smaller and felt a small compromise in quality. So the kind of person who buys my libraries must be clear about one thing. This is superb quality that comes at a price – larger than usual files. HDD space is fairly affordable now so I hope I don’t punish your discs – it’s not intentional, really it isn’t. It’s just that I am in pursuit of the highest standards of quality. You will require lots of RAM, a very fast cpu and oodles of HDD space. Apart from that you should be good to go. If you possess and dominate a slow PC then you may possess and dominate to bounce down your files.
12 presets in total were made. 4 presets per sample rate. 10 distortion kernels. Enjoy

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3MhM6

Henry Olonga Fifty33 Mojo 192 khz for Nebula Pro- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Henry Olonga Fifty33 Mojo 192 khz for Nebula Pro

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