Intermorphic Liptikl v1.1.10 x86 x64


Intermorphic Liptikl v1.1.10

 x86 x64 | 44 MB

If you make or write song, music or rap lyrics, poems, copy or ads, then Liptikl could be just what you represented as looking for. In fact, if you write at all it could well be for you.

Our creative writing tool, Liptikl, is a ‘cut up’ word shuffler and arranger; a lyric generator & lyric maker. It can give you extra advantage & ideas when it comes to writing. It helps you create genuinely new and exciting word arrangements, very easily.

CHAOS | May 22 2013 | 44.4 MB

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The cut-up process is often a very powerful technique for stimulating lyric ideas; the random word associations Liptikl comes up with can often give you completely new options to consider.



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