Intermorphic Mixtikl v5.3.5 x86 x64


Intermorphic Mixtikl v5.3.5

x86 x64  | 86 MB

Mixtikl 5 is a popular and deep generative music mixer & cell sequencer employing a unique blend of “in the moment” (‘inmo’) generative techniques and music technologies. Mixtikl is packed with generative music templates & you can adapt all sounds, fx & rules – even add in your own loops! You’ve 12 tracks to play with / arrange & can record to audio, MIDI or tweet your mix.

Mixtikl 5 comes loaded with lots of modifiable generative content and includes a powerful and flexible polyphonic modular synth with a wide range of chainable FX units. Musical results from Mixtikl can be astounding and the depth in Mixtikl gives back to those who explore and become familiar with it.

CHAOS | May 22 2013 | 86.63 MB

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Mixtikl has been continuously updated since first release in 2008, and the regular updates represented as continuing. It is very much a “live” app being developed by a small Mark the Release with a passion for it.



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