Intermorphic Noatikl v2.2.18 x86 x64


Intermorphic Noatikl v2.2.18

 x86 x64 |  89 MB

Create your own generative & ‘inmo’ music with Noatikl 2, a powerful creative tool for generating new musical ideas. It uses generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques developed over the last 20 years.
Noatikl 2 includes the advanced Partikl MIDI, Sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation and can also generate / send MIDI notes and controller info to control settings of favourite external synths, FX units & samplers.

Noatikl 2 also includes all the Mixtikl-included Tiklpaks so you can start with some great sound templates, and you can also now tweet your pieces as “partikls” (for other Noatikl users to play) or as “mixtikls” for people with Mixtikl or Mixtikl Free to play!
Noatikl is the exciting future for the award-winning Koan generative music system. “Noatikl” can now open Koan files created back to 1992.

CHAOS | May 22 2013 | 89.8 MB

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