iPad Music Production: AmpliTube

iPad Music Production: AmpliTube

iPad Music Production: AmpliTube

iPad Music : AmpliTube | 835 MB

author: Garrick Chow | subject: Audio, Music Production, Audio Plug-Ins, Recording Techniques | software: AmpliTube | level: Beginner | duration 1h 13m | released Dec 20, 2012

Join author and musician Garrick Chow as he introduces AmpliTube, a studio-quality app that turns your iPad into a mobile studio for recording a collection of classic and modern guitar sounds.

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After plugging in and configuring the necessary inputs and connections, the learning lessons shows how to use the built-in tuner to make sure your instrument’s sounding its best, and keep in time with the metronome. Garrick then demonstrates how to choose the amp models, cabinets, and up to four stomp boxes to create your own unique tones, and work with the 8-track recorder’s “reel to reel” interface during the performance. Finally, discover how to mix down and bounce out your song for sharing with friends, family, and other audiophiles.

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Topics include:

Setting up inputs
Using the tuner
Demoing amp and FX settings
Choosing an amp and cabinet
Saving favorite amps and presets
Importing great pieces of music to play along with
Using effects and sends
Exporting your song


1m 7s

1m 7s

1. Setting Up

11m 28s

Physically setting up your iPad
2m 11s

Setting up inputs
4m 48s

Understanding other setup options
3m 42s

Registering your copy of AmpliTube

2. Tools

5m 52s

Using the tuner
1m 55s

Setting up the metronome
2m 11s

Exploring amp and FX settings
1m 46s

3. Amp Modeling and Playing

24m 10s

Choosing an amp and a cabinet
6m 39s

Working with stomp boxes
3m 3s

Saving favorites and presets
6m 49s

Importing great pieces of music to play along with
6m 30s

Purchasing additional amps and stomp boxes
1m 9s

4. Recording

30m 0s

Purchasing Recorder and creating a new project
2m 7s

Recording guitar in Recorder
7m 42s

Using effects and sends
6m 1s

Bouncing, copying, and pasting
5m 49s

Mixing your tracks
5m 5s

Exporting your song
3m 16s



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iPad Music Production: AmpliTube


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