iPad Music Production Auria-QUASAR

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iPad Music Production Auria


Auria is the first major digital audio workstation designed specifically for the Apple iPad, and in this learning lessons, author and professional musician Garrick Chow demonstrates how to use its recording, editing, and mixing tools to create great-sounding music. First, Garrick reviews the hardware you’ll need to start capturing audio, from microphones to cables and input devices. He then demonstrates how to record anything from a single audio track to a complete multitrack capture of a live band performance. Once the recordings represented as done, he shows you how to edit them by adding splits and trims, as well as how to apply effects and use automation in creating a final mix. Lastly, Garrick reviews the options for exporting your project from Auria in several formats to share it with the world.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new project
  • Importing audio
  • Using external audio inputs
  • Recording tracks
  • Using Auto-Punch
  • Overdubbing a track
  • Trimming regions and adding fades
  • Using auxiliaries
  • Using automation
  • Exporting your project

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iPad Music Production Auria-QUASAR

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