ISR 6Blocc Footwork Juke Producer Tools WAV SAMPLES AiFF Battery


ISR 6Blocc Footwork Juke Producer Tools

 WAV SAMPLES AiFF Battery | 534 MB

‘6Blocc: Footwork & Juke Producer Tools’ from ISR is here to hit the face of modern music, full-on. ISR represented as always on a mission to keep your sample collection modern and at the forefront of Electronic Dance Music and this new sample super package from the mighty 6Blocc is no exception. This super package comes with all the Juked-up sounds you need to get your next production moving and shaking.
With artist and labels such as Traxman, DJ Rashad. DJ Roc, Planet-U, Lit City, Trax, and Hyperdub in mind, 6Blocc delivers this new exciting style in one full-on super package. Footworks & Juke represented as cutting their way through the U.S underground Dance scene like a buzz saw slicing through wood.

From the South side of the Chicago’s hood, directly into your DAW, 6Blocc digs deep into the next tweaky, tripped-out sound that is Footworks & Juke. These new styles possess and dominate been climbing up out of the ghettos to be Beatport’s # 1 new style to look out for in 2013.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 23 June 2013

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With no doubt this new style is like Trap, HIP HOP and Dub turned up a notch. This sample super package boasts a tight collection of booming kick drums, tightly twisted-up super Dub bass shots and four bar tom loops for you to tear into.

The drum shots and FX represented as all in NI’s Battery 4 format and the samples represented as tempo marked at 150 BPM. All the samples in this Bass-head super package represented as 24-Bit/44.1kHz WAV SAMPLES for easy use in any DAW.

‘6Blocc: Footwork & Juke Producer Tools’ brings the circle of sound to your production party, so it’s time to jump in and get down on it, yo’.



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