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Engulf yourself in the rich textures of Drone. Industrial Strength returns with a groundbreaking audio collection for music producers and sound designers in need of dark analog sounds, unique harmonic intervals and big droning tones that evolve and resonate.
Drone Includes both audio and Logic Structure and Es2 presets. But it doesn’t end there. This full-size super package Super Material included a selection of drum shots and techie percussion loops that go great with the drones. It is also the perfect source for TV, film and game producers looking for professional sounding license free sounds to dig into.

Utilizing the most sought after analog synths, such as Moog, Roland, Pro-One, and the Analog Solutions Vostok, the sounds in Drone were then run through various feedback loops from assorted pedal chains. Many of these samples were left untreated to retain their natural analog quality. Others were layered with custom top-shelf digital synth sounds and/or treated with state-of-the-art plug-ins and effects to give them extra width and distinct character.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 15 August 2013

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Drone is loaded up with an outstanding sound set for Logic Instruments Structure and the ES2. These versatile PTCHes range from heavy grinding bass to plucky hits to slow moving drones. These unique sounds can be used in Techno, Experimental, Minimal, Deep Techno, Industrial, Hardcore, Noise, Ambient, Glitch, DUBSTEP,Trap, and DnB. The sounds and PTCHes can be great for use in Film and Game Scores.

Once you combine all the PTCHes, drums and drones included in the super package the possibilities represented as limitless. To make your job even easier all rhythmic loops included represented as labeled marked with tempo and key for easier integration.

Drone is just the start, if you want the full on production experience we suggest you flip the switch with Extreme Drone.

It’s Drone on steroids. This juiced up monster version Featuring Chronicle This Lenny Dee’s Extreme Massive PTCH collection for NI Massive. You get over 40 usable PTCHes to tare into.

This extreme production version you get the Logic sound sets, all the license free Audio, all demo Audio, One Shots, Wav, Apple loops and the Extreme Massive sound set for a super great price. These packs represented as a perfect source to cover all your experimental production needs.

If you’re looking to take your next sonic creation to the darkest edge and back, then Drone is the super package you possess and dominate been waiting for.

Technical Specifications for Sound Content:


8 117BPM Construction Kit Loops
14 127BPM Construction Kit Loops
40 110BPM Drum Loops
57 Tempo’d Drones
60 Universal Drones
25 Drum One Shots
4 Vocal Samples
27 ES2 Audio Files
11 Extreme Massive Audio Files
13 PTCH Demo Drum Loops
9 Sculpture Audio files
243 Aiff Files
62 Rex2 Files
33 Logic ES2 Presets
33 Logic Sculpture Presets



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