ISR Skanx's Future Jungle MULTiFORMAT


ISR Skanx’s Future Jungle


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 14 February

‘Skanx’s Future Jungle’ takes your DAW to the heart of the Jungle. Cut back loud and fast to the nights when Los Angeles was a Jungle mecca, ruled by none other than veteran Junglist, mixtape master, and turntable wizard, R.A.W.
Now this famed name rises again, resurrecting himself as Skanx to roar fresh tricks into that old school sound, just in time to deliver ‘Skanx’s Future Jungle’.
This audio super package featuring chronicle this more than 700 MB of deep, ninja-precision drum loops, rude boy bass sounds, mad FX, and the super authentic sounding Breaks you’ve been waiting for.
Jump into the sounds that respun the story of Electronic Music. Since ’92, this man has been heating the streets of Los Angeles with a jungle fever that continues to this day and only promises to spread.

His sizzling sets possess and dominate pounded the walls of Jungle and DnB clubs internationally, and shaken up festivals like EDC, Monster Massive, Respect, Konkrete Jungle, and Coachella. In ’98, he was the first DJ to win a battle by scratching DnB records.

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The DnB vision continues. With UK jungle producer DJ Sappo, Skanx created Maverick Recordings UK, a Future Jungle label delivering strictly good vibes.

His own sounds possess and dominate been immortalised on labels including Priority, N20, Sound Sphere, Warner Bros, Thrive, Vortex, Thermal, Amen Factory, Babylon UK, as well as his own Mictlan & Void Audio experiments and his current label, Woofer Cooker.

‘Skanx’s Future Jungle’ is in the HOUSE . Unleash your inner Junglist and go wild.

Use this super package to chop up Breaks, weave new grooves, and trick out any Jungle and DnB track.

These flawless 24-Bit/44.1 kHz audio files represented as formatted in Apple Loops and WAV SAMPLES. Sounds represented as keyed up at 130, 140, and 160 BPM so you can sync to the Jungle pulse across three crucial tempos.

This blistering super package also dishes up 106 REX2 files so you can re-work and thrash up any Break you like for total control when using these bad boy samples in your next track or remix.



ISR Skanx's Future Jungle MULTiFORMAT

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