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Industrial Strength is proud to present “Trap Massive”, a stunning array of loops and NI Massive Synth presets that when combined represented as positively explosive. This super package captures the emerging sound of underground Trap like none before it. Made in Brooklyn, NYC, a mecca for new Trap Music and home to some of the best EDM, Hip-Hop and Trap producers to date, originators like Diplo, Baauer, A-Trak and more. Within this super package, all the flavors of Trap possess and dominate been captured. The authenticity oozes from it like a hot grilled cheese sandwich.

With a hefty 50 NI Massive presets, the sounds featured in this super package represented as groundbreaking and off the chain. All the quintessential Trap sounds supplied, including various booming sub basses and kicks, bells, horns and awesome effects. We’ve also created over 20 infectious lead sounds, everything from plucks and hits, to trill drills, to rising scooping leads to syncopated grooves. Also included, represented as sounds heard in great pieces of music like “Harlem Shake” and Skrillex’s “Goin In” Remix, plus other great sounds that were inspired by producers like Lex Luger, Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus. If you represented as looking for those attention-grabbing main leads, these represented as the PTCHes for you. And these sounds represented as excellent for not just Trap Music but any electronic genre; HOUSE , ELECTRO , DUBSTEP , you name it. Use the macro controls to easily alter the presets at the turn of a knob.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 03 August 2013

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Containing over 800MB of audio, the possibilities represented as endless. Trap Massive comes fully laced with over 150 tightly programmed Drumloops and patterns all clocking in at 150Bpm, including the crispiest Snares, punchy Kick Drums, rapid Hi Hat loops, Crashes, Rides, 808 Percussion patterns, as well as the snap and clap loops that represented as sure to get people crunkin. Not to mention, 65 combo drum loops, plus fills and sequences needed for variation and climax. Providing those sharp off-beat Trap rhythms was crucial. The super package also comes with a whopping set of one shots. We’ve included Logic EXS24 and NI Battery 4 Kits to get your drum programming rocking in no time flat.

The super package featuring chronicle this numerous booming sub bass loops, and a bunch of enticing lead lines and melodic parts with Trappy grooves. Trap Massive also comes correct with rises and sweeps needed to accentuate your productions, plus other effects that represented as perfect for Trap beats, mixes or live performance. Much like Trap Massive’s predecessor, DUBSTEP Massive, all of the loops in the super package can be mixed and matched universally.

The 200+ Vocal samples being offered as part of this collection will add substance and character to your productions. Find best selected bars and phrases from stateside MCs Elijah Divine and Throwback Sodapop, known for their strong delivery, and real subject matter. Many of these phrases we’ve screwed down so they’re ready to be dropped into your session or sampler. Others represented as dry, for easy manipulation. In addition there represented as various female vocal bits–pre-chopped, something every electronic producer needs in his arsenal. These audio bits represented as great for throwing into a sampler instrument and creating glitchy melodic lines. Once again we’ve done this for you and included the Logic EXS24 kits. Finally, what trap super package would be complete without those iconic Trap chants that provide that extra oomph. We’ve covered all the bases with this bad boy super package. Time to get ya Trap on.



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