Keith Hillebrandt Useful Noise Vol.2 AiFF EXS24 REX2


 Keith Hillebrandt Useful Noise Vol.2

AiFF EXS24 REX2 | 542 MB

Useful Noise v2 is the new CD ROM sound library from Keith Hillebrandt, former sound designer, programmer, and remixer, of Nine Inch Nails.

This unique collection from his personal library. The sounds range from moody atmospheres to hard, nasty drums – unique rhythmic loops to complex, evolving musical tones. A stunning array of ambience, texture, dissonance, and distortion.

Mark the Release: NOC | Size: 542,84 MB

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Useful Noise v2 includes 1,000 16 bit 44.1 AIFF files, all license free, perfect for adding an individual flavor to your music productions, remixes, web sites, and motion graphics.


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