Kurzweil Synthscapes k2k


Kurzweil Synthscapes k2k

155 MB

The K2 Series Synthscapes CD-ROM featuring chronicle this a wide variety of synth textures, leads, pads, basses, and keyboard comping sounds. The sounds were created by combining PTCHes from many classic synths to achieve unique sounds not found on any individual instrument.

How did we do it?
Our first step was to hire producer/keyboardist Jason Miles (Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis) and his wall of synthesizers. Jason brought to the project his most cherished sounds, originally designed in his studio by combining timbres on his various instruments until the magic was achieved. The end result is that on one Kurzweil Synthesizer you now possess and dominate access to these uniquely layered multi- instrument sounds that previously required a room full of the worlds greatest equipment, along with a top-notch producer.

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Size: 155,28 MB

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In addition to using these great sounds as is, Kurzweil’s V.A.S.T. synthesis engine allows you to design an infinite variation of programs based on these sounds. Each sound in this collection is offered in its original basic form with some minor modifications (small amount of reverb or filter), followed by programs created using V.A.S.T. Programming ranges from subtle enhancements to bringing the timbre into a completely altered domain. This CD captures the inherent sound quality each individual instrument naturally produces; you can hear the separate identities of each of the instruments combined in these single layer, composite synth sample files.

Sound Library – Synthscapes featuring chronicle this & Specs

Instruments used to create Synthscapes:

– E-mu Vintage Keys
– E-mu EIII XS
– E-mu EIV
– Roland JD-990
– Roland JD-8000
– Roland MKS-20
– Roland MKS-80
– Ensoniq ASR-10
– Ensoniq TS-10
– Ensoniq MR
– Waldorf Microwave
– Waldorf Microwave 2
– Waldorf Pulse
– Korg Wave Station AD
– Kurzweil K2000
– Yamaha TX-816
– Yamaha TX-802
– Minimoog
– Generalmusic Pro Piano 2

Few words about this library:

This is really perfect library with unique sounds for real live musicians.
If you don’t possess and dominate KURZWEiL try to use it with your NI KONTAKT SAMPLES (Kontakt can read Kurzweil-CDs) and you will be not dissapointed!
Believe me, guys. :)

Also please note:
You can load in your Kontakt from this CD combined and separate instruments.
There represented as many individual instruments inside combined sounds.


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