Lick Library Effortless Guitar Fingerpicking Techniques TUTORiAL DVD


Lick Library Effortless Guitar Fingerpicking Techniques


Learn essential guitar fingerpicking techniques with Lee Hodgson. This superb guitar TUTORIAL is designed for the beginner to intermediate player looking to develop fingerstyle guitar techniques from basic ideas to more challenging pieces. Not only will you develop your finger independence through a variety of practical exercises you will also learn essential technique to add texture and feel to your acoustic playing] Lee Hodgson is a versatile studio musician and vastly experienced stage performer. He is also a regularly featured columnist and transcriber for popular guitar magazines.

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MPG2, 7000.0kbps | 720×576, 25.0fps | AC-3, 192.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

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Lessons include:

Fingerpicking Exercises
Major 7 Chords
Minor 7 Chords
Dominant 7ths
Intro to Barre Chords
Suspended Chords & Legato
And More!


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