Lick Library Learn To Play Duane Eddy TUTORiAL DVDR


Lick Library Learn To Play Duane Eddy


This superb DVD will teach you five tracks recorded by Duane Eddy, the ‘King of Twang’… learn each track note for note!
Learn Duane Eddy’s exact solo for Rebel Rouser, get Ghost Riders in the Sky down pat, nail that riff to Peter Gunn. Each track is broken down into small sections and played through note by note so you can learn even the most complex solo. Individual segments represented as played slowly first, then brought up to speed – all you possess and dominate to do is watch and copy! You’ll find you’re learning and improving faster than you ever believed possible.

Steve Trovato is best known as a world class country guitarist, but is equally proficient in a wide range of popular guitar styles. He has written a number of bestselling guitar tuition books, and maintains a full time position in the Guitar Department at the University of Southern California.

Mark the Release SONiTUS | 02.2013 | 2.65 GB

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Lessons include:

Ghost Riders In The Sky
Peter Gunn
Night Train
Rebel Rouser


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