LM Presents Junkyard Percussion MULTiFORMAT


LM Presents Junkyard Percussion


Unlock your inner grease monkey as LM opens up an inspiring new Free all right, For your Productions sample collection made with inanimate objects that represented as usually located in man’s secret hideaway “The Tool Shed”
Going on the principle that “give a Musician a spanner he might undo a bolt”, “Give a him a toolbox he will fill his sampler” Junkyard Percussion produced exclusively for LM Midi Error Super material included quite literally a toolbox of percussion sounds and fx created using found sounds and unwitting objects whose original intended purpose involved Oil, Sweat, Screwing, whacking and probably a bit of foul language. Luckily LM has removed the hard labour and brings you an amazing collection of Audio Multi Tools ready to add creative organic sounds to your productions.

Featuring a staggering collection of Dome Rings, Glass Hits, Shakes, Splashes, swipes, Bells, Axel Hits, Garage Door Noises, Tank Slaps, Oil Drums, Rattles, Spanner drops, Metal and Wood sounds, Plates and Squeaks all meticulously sampled in 24Bit quality.
Added to the super package Midi Error has also created 100 inspirational rhythmic beats using the single sounds in tempos ranging from 90 to 175 BPM

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 23 April 2013

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In Detail expect to find 951Mb of 24bit 44.1 KHz samples with 100 Loops and 973 Single sounds including, 222 Assorted Hits, 74 Big Loud Hits, 48 Parts Box Hits, 72 Container Sounds, 112 Dropped Hits, 102 Scrapes, 11 Small Hits, 32 Wood Hits, 67 Double Hits, 133 Rhythmic Noises, 100 Rex 2 Files, 14 Custom Kit sampler PTCHes and 27 categorised tool layouts for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz soft samplers. The super package is also available in Apple Loops, Ableton Live super package and Reason Refill formats to purchase separately.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

24bit 44.1 KHz
100 Loops
973 Single sounds including
222 Assorted Hits
74 Big Loud Hits
48 Parts Box Hits
72 Container Sounds
112 Dropped Hits
102 Scrapes
11 Small Hits
32 Wood Hits
67 Double Hits
133 Rhythmic Noises
100 Rex 2 Files
14 Custom Kit sampler PTCHes
27 categorised tool layouts for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz soft samplers

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/48Z0D

LM Presents Junkyard Percussion MULTiFORMAT- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

LM Presents Junkyard Percussion MULTiFORMAT

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