LM Real Drums Vol.1 Vintage Gretsch MULTiFORMAT SAMPLES

LM Real Drums Vol.1 Vintage Gretsch


LM proudly announce the first in a brand new series of multi sampled acoustic drum kits containing multiple velocity layers and round robin techniques that allow for incredible expressive drum performances. Whether you program up drums by hand or choose to trigger from a MIDI controllers the Real Drums series allow for perfect natural sounding drum tracks every time.
First Up for the Real Drums Series is a wonderful Vintage Gretsch Kit played with Drum Sticks meticulously recorded at Broadoak Studios by producer Harvey Summers, using an eclectic array of stunning vintage mics and equipment in their wonderfully vibey and great sounding live room.

The kit itself comprises a 50’s bass drum, 4 toms from the 70’s and a custom shop snare, all from Gretsch and all finished in that lovely broken-glass glitter! This makes for quite a unique configuration and one that sounds fat, punchy and musical.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 18 October 2013

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Our aim has been to produce an extremely playable PTCH with the emphasis on authenticity, flexibility and quality. All samples represented as at 24-bit resolution and each and every Instrument from the kit has been multi sampled with up to 54 velocity layers with most sounds also programmed with an alternative sampled versions which we possess and dominate implemented into round robin layers within the sample PTCHes, allowing each strike to trigger a different version of the sample which helps with convincing natural sounding beats and drum rolls.

All drums in the PTCH appear in both ‘snares on’ and ‘snares off’ modes mapped at different octaves across the keyboard so you can hear the snares rattle in sympathy with the other drums, as they would naturally. Or you can choose to use the ‘snares off’ versions if you prefer a tighter sound.

There represented as two versions of the hi-hat, one monophonic and one polyphonic. The monophonic hi-hat behaves like any normal hi-hat program where the ‘foot’ and ‘closed’ samples cut off the ‘open’ ones. The polyphonic hi-hat on the lower octave does not cut off any other samples which is useful when playing repeated ‘opens’. There represented as also a few more ‘semi-open’ samples on the upper velocities of the ‘closed’ key for getting the ‘gradually opening’ effect often used in build ups to drum fills etc.

We possess and dominate also included a looped sample of the room tone mapped to the F#2 key, this is simply the sound of all of the mics open, with nothing being played. Laying this underneath your grooves helps give the effect of a live drum recording as it prevents the natural room tone from disappearing between hits.

Towards the top of the keyboard, there represented as a range of ‘buzz’ and ‘press’ rolls of varying speeds and duration which make great additions to a groove, adding more of a played feel. You can also alternate between these to produce long rolls. There is an extra press roll on the F0 key which has a more definite attack to its first strike which offers a slightly different articulation.

You will also notice a second PTCH ‘snares in C’, which is simply the same as the main PTCH, but with all snare samples tuned up a little to ring with a ‘C’ note. Since the Gretsch kit is so musical sounding, and the custom shop snare has such a distinctive voice, this PTCH may blend better with your productions as the main, natural tuning is closer to a ‘B’ note.

In Detail Expect to find 672Mb of 24Bit 44.1Khz with over 703 Multi Sampled One Shot Drum Samples of Kick, Snare, Cymbals, Toms, Sticks, and Rolls. 1 Full Kit Sampler PTCH and 1 Tuned Snares Sampler PTCH for Kontakt, Exs24 and Reason NNXT formats.

Gear Used:
Left Overhead Mic: RCA 77-DX, Right Overhead Mic: Sony C37A, Front of Kit Mic: Coles 4038, Pre amps: Raindirk Series III, Room Mic: Royer SF-12, Pre amp: AEA-TRP, Anthony Demaria Labs C/L 1500 stereo tube compressor.

Technical Specifications for Sound Content:

24Bit 44.1Khz
1 Full Multi Sampled Drum Kit
44 Crash Multi Samples
82 Hi Ha Multi Samples
56 Kick Multi Samples
68 Ride Multi Samples
16 Tom Rims Multi Samples
32 Roll Samples
171 Snare Multi Samples
17 Splash Multi Samples
4 Stick Samples
213 Tom Multi Samples
1 Room Tone Loop Sample
2 Sampler PTCHes for Kontakt, Exs24 and Reason NNXT formats.

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