LSR COMPrime v1.4 Mac OSX-Xdb

LSR COMPrime v1.4 Mac OSX-Xdb

LSR COMPrime v1.4 Mac OSX

 COMPrime v1.4 Mac OSX-Xdb | 19 MB

LSRaudio COMPrime is a vintage channel compressor
plugin for VST PLUGINS, RTAS and AU hosts on Mac.

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Natural PROGRESSIVE compression curve
Very fast reaction
Program-dependent release
Vintage meter (displays gain reduction or output level)
Adjustable tube drive, from subtle warming to hot overdrive
Side chain low cut filter with adjustable frequency
Soft or medium knee
Parallel compression (mix control)
Makeup level (-15dB to +15dB)
Mono, stereo and multi-channel
Double precision floating point processing

LSR COMPrime v1.4 Mac OSX-Xdb

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