Massivesynth Hexagon For Ni Massive SAMPLES

Massivesynth Hexagon For Ni Massive


Hexagon is a collection of 50 Massive presets inspired by the sound of Boards of Canada.
Are you looking for beautiful soundscapes and drifting chords in a Boards of Canada style sound?

Various older analogs have inaccuracies. Massive out the box has a clean/digital sound to it. We’ve
built these sounds from the ground up to include inaccuracies and defects inherent in older analog
synths. The sounds themselves have been inspired by countless hours of listening to BoC’s albums to
give you a rich bank of beautiful sounds.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 08 May 2014 | 29.6 MB

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What’s Included?

The 50 preset Massive bundle on offer here included 10 Arps, 8 Bass, 4 FX, 6 Keys, 3 Plucks, 9
Sequenced Pads, 10 Sustained Pads.



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