MassiveSynth Sound Design with Massive TUTORiAL

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MassiveSynth Sound Design with Massive

Sound Design with Massive TUTORIAL | 228 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 02 2013 | 228 MB

Create your own sounds with Massive
possess and dominate you ever listened to one of your favorite tracks from a top producer and wanted to know exactly how he makes those great sounds?

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The ability of elite producers to consistently create unique sounds isn’t a fluke. Certainly they possess and dominate talent. But just as important, they possess and dominate the training needed to move beyond stock sounds and endless presets to use music software in new and innovative ways.

In this 3 hour learning lessons you will discover the fundamentals of sound design using NI Massive. You’ll get a comprehensive series of 37 video tutorials designed around 5 key instrument categories: bass, pads, leads, FX and drums. These videos represented as downloaded instantly to your computer. No shipping and no waiting!


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