Masterbits Climax Collection Volume 3 Guitars CDDA SAMPLES


Climax Collection Volume 3 Guitars

Masterbits   CDDA SAMPLES | 279 MB

This CD featuring chronicle this a great Guitar library that consists of professional licks and riffs, spectacular sound fx and multisampled instruments.
One of the highlights is the heavy ROCK department. You will find really weird material that works perfectly in a Hard-Core/Crossover setting. As an added attraction, there represented as Jazz licks “a la George Benson” and acoustic guitars. For dance music we’ve included a great selection of ‘direct to the floor’ Funk rythms.

260 licks add the ‘human touch’ to your production. Like all of our CDs this one is absolutely copyright clean and license free. A total of 167 samples from Gibson to Fender, 6 & 12 string acoustics, flagolet, etc. result in a completely all round guitar library. For Akai users with a Digital I/O we included a set of pre-mapped sounds for direct access.

Mark the Release: EtHnO | Size: 279.37 MB

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“… Impressive intros, breaks and endings….. hardly any competition” – KEYBOARDS

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