Masterbits Monster Pack Vol. 2 CDDA SAMPLES


Monster super package Vol. 2

Masterbits   CDDA SAMPLES | 4.8 GB

More than 1,000 (CD1) matches DTM sound more than 12,000 total to 10 Disc CD-ROM, the phrase literally instrument loops and sound collection “! Class monster!”! Middle of the low-tempo, more than 970 more than 960 more than 840 (CD2) instrument loops and phrases in the middle tempo, (CD3) instrument loops and phrases in the middle-high-tempo, (CD4) instrument loops and phrases in a high-tempo, collection of multi-sample used collection multisample using collecting multi-sample using a synthesizer famous in history (CD5), an analog synthesizer numerous (CD6), a digital synthesizers numerous (CD7), for the synthesizer sound FM 1,800 types of drums and sound effects sound collection instruments & various collection of multi-sample multi-sample used had (CD8), a number of keyboard instrument (CD9), (CD10).

This is the monstrous sampling package, Masterbits MONSTER super package 2. 12,000 WAV SAMPLES files represented as included in 10 CDs.

Mark the Release: peace-out | Type: 10 CD’s Collection | Size: 4.87 GB

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CD01 : 80/90/100 BPM Loops
CD02 : 120 BPM Loops
CD03 : 130/140 BPM Loops
CD04 : 150/170 BPM Loops
CD05 : Vintage Synthesizers
CD06 : Analog Synthesizers
CD07 : Digital Synthesizers
CD08 : FM Synthesizers
CD09 : Vintage Instruments
CD10 : Multimedia and Misc

Masterbits Monster super package Vol. 2 CDDA SAMPLES- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… package-Vol.-2-CDDA SAMPLES.html

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