Masterbits Tekkno T.R.A.X ENSONIQ


Masterbits Tekkno T.R.A.X


The ultimate Production Tool for Tekkno, Trance, Rave, Industrial & Underground.
“The professional Techno tool” (5 stars/Keyboards USA) – that concentrates on the hardcore style around 150-175 BPM including a few hi-speed trax in the 200 BPM range.

The highlights of this library represented as the post-production loops with Drum beats and Bass and SQ Lines, SFX, Breaks and more. These elements represented as between 4 and 12 bars long and represented as a perfect basis for your own compositions. Additional hooks and Arpeggios plus selected samples, with tweeter torturing sweeps and woofer-killing sub basses, industrial bangs and crashes and heavy machinery grooves from Germany; dutch distorted drums, typical hardcore Vocals and vintage Moontalks (N.A.S.A.) result in this complete hit factory.

Mark the Release: BSOUNDZ | Size: 468,28 MB

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“The range in nuance achieved here is quite impressive. Most of the TEKKNO T.R.A.X. knocked us out. Great Sounds – slamminґbeats.. – 5 Stars” – Keyboard

” … totally spaced out Technoloops … this one’s got the power ….a bsolutely in the top of the Range!” – Keyboards/Germany

“…a fresh breeze with enormous power” – Keys

Don’t forget: NI Kontakt can read ENSONIQ-format without converting of files.


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