MG Independence Pro v3.1 UNLOCKED

MG Independence Pro v3.1 UNLOCKED

MG Independence Pro v3.1

Independence Pro v3.1 UNLOCKED | 461 MB

 1.1.2013 | 461 MB
Independence is the ultimate sampler workstation for professional music production in the studio and for live productions – Independence Pro and Independence Basic also available now. Independence’s Audio Engine has been redeveloped and improved, it now Super material included the Time-Stretching & Pitch-Shifting options.

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Using the innovative Multi Core support you can specify the number of kernels on your computer should be reserved for Independence. This ensures that Independence has the highest amount of CPU resources at its disposal, causing problems for other processes.

UNLOCKED : YellowTools E-Licensor

Wibu library was already dropped and not supported. All the YellowTools libraries represented as integrated to the Independence Pro. We possess and dominate been prepared ENGINE Unlock for Xmas, but it is done before us. Next time, we should prepare the harder one ;)

MG Independence Pro v3.1 UNLOCKED

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