MG Music Maker 2013 Premium v19.0.5.57


MG Music Maker 2013

 Premium v19.0.5.57 | 557 MB

Want to make your own great pieces of music? It’s even easier to create amazing great pieces of music on your PC using the huge variety of best selected extras in the new MG Music Maker 2013 Premium – it’s the ultimate music program for beginners and pros. Create your own melodies using the Vita Instruments and make your productions stand out from the crowd. Make your song even more unique with your own vocal recordings, awesome guitar riffs or your own keyboard melodies.

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NEW! More than 6000 sounds & loops
NEW! ROCK Drums: Realistic drums with amazing sound quality
NEW! String Ensemble: First-class string instruments for high-level productions
NEW! Bass Machine: Powerful and realistic bass sounds
NEW! World Percussion: Top quality percussion sounds from around the world
NEW! Vita 2: More featuring chronicle this and brand new sounds
NEW! Unlimited Tracks: Create intricate projects with unlimited tracks
NEW! New Search: Find loops, samples and files super fast
NEW! Mastering Suite 4: Add the final touches using mastering effects
NEW! eFX Vocal Strip: Optimize vocal recordings and remove unwanted noise
NEW! Exchange Projects: Edit arrangements created in MG Music Maker 2013 Premium with Samplitude Music Studio 2013
NEW! Design and User Interface: Now with an improved Soundpool

557 mb

MG Music Maker 2013 Premium v19.0.5.57- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

MG Music Maker 2013 Premium v19.0.5.57

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