Mikael Adle Leap Into The Void The Serpent Massive Presets NMSV SAMPLES

Mikael Adle Leap Into The Void The Serpent Massive Presets


Creepy, ominous, dark, seductive and divined with temperament and wisdom.
An infinite amount of layers, every sound is a world on it’s own.
128 sounds designed with careful assignment of each macro knob to enable an enormous range of possible variations on every single preset.
The Serpent for Massive focuses on dark, mystical and suggestive, industrial and cinematic soundscapes and pads. The library also contains bass, bells, sequenced sounds, fx sounds, beautiful angelic pads and leads to fulfill this exquisite and enchanting reptile.

Every sound in this library is tagged by type and comes with comments and descriptions of the sound, macro knob assignments and examples of variations where applicable.
The larger part of the sounds in The Serpent have several poles (up to as many as eight, and possibly beyond), meaning that, by just using the macro knobs the sounds are designed to enable several possible directions to morph the sound towards and into completely new worlds and colors.

10/05/2014 | 30.84 MB

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Wether you do sound art, working with music composition, film or game production that needs gloomy drone atmospheres, suggestive, industrial doom soundscapes, mysterious lead sounds and psycho, scary fx sounds or, need some combed noise and evolving darkness for your live performance that can be changed, morphed and transformed in all imaginable and unimaginable ways, this unique library will grab you and inspire.

This release was exclusively provided by one of our members who wish to remain anonymous

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