Mikko L U-He Zebra 2 Soundset


Mikko L U-He Zebra 2

Soundset | 7 MB

Sound designer Mikko L returns to DMS with another excellent soundset, this time for U-he Zebra 2.5 featuring 32 all new sounds created for ELECTRO HOUSE , Trance, PROGRESSIVE & Hands Up production. The soundset Super material included a perfectly programmed selection of bass, leads, plucks & pads.

DISCOVER | 08 APRIL 2013 | 7MB

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• Format: Synth Soundset
• 32 Sounds
• 10 Basses
• 09 Plucks
• 08 Leads
• 05 Pads
• Requires U-he Zebra 2.5

DEMO- http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/53111923/file.html

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3ywHz

Mikko L U-He Zebra 2 Soundset- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Mikko L U-He Zebra 2 Soundset

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