Mixing with Pro Tools Plug-ins TUTORiAL

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Mixing with Pro Tools Plug-ins TUTORIAL

Mixing with Pro Tools Plug-ins | 536 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | | 536 MB

Fab mixes a full song step by step explaining every setting, using only ProTools stock plugins

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-Vocal Eq, compression and de-essing
-Background vocals EQ, compression and de-essing
-Full drumset processing
-Parallel drum processing
-Percussion and tabla processing
-Electric bass processing
-Electric guitar processing
-Synth processing
-Reverbs selection and tweaking
-Balance concepts

The attached zip file Super material included the original uncompressed files of the session.

Please download it and import these files in the DAW you use to make music (It does not necessarily possess and dominate to be Pro Tools!) This way you can practice your skills and mix this song using your own tastes, tools, plug-ins and the guidelines provided in this video.



Mixing with Pro Tools Plug-ins TUTORIAL

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